Tips to Note Before Choosing a Wedding Dress

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Whether you’re single or in the process of planning your wedding, every woman has some idea of what she likes and doesn’t in terms of style and fashion.

Most of you still have wedding Pinterest boards showcasing different wedding dresses that appeal to you. From runway gowns to magazine catalogue looks, there really is a dress type for every bride-to-be.

But when it comes to bridal gowns, what should you factor in when it comes to deciding what you want for your wedding? How do you sort out all the pretty Chantilly lace from the tulle and embroidered beading? And which one would suit you more?

Check out an article on Offbeatbride which tackles the topic of dresses and timelessness. In it the author mentions that when she first decided to opt for a crop top and skirt wedding set, she was met with vocal protest.

It’s not really a surprise, considering that the wedding industry as a whole tends to have a lot of set ideas around dresses that will always be in vogue versus unique pieces that don’t necessarily scream high fashion.

The idea that crop tops are inappropriate and make ugly dresses is an assumption that has to go.

What if the wedding styles don’t last?

Bridal magazines and wedding industry experts would have you believe that the only way you can look good on your wedding is to keep in line with what they’re trying to sell to you.

They’re running a business so naturally they want to sell you the hottest and latest in bridal trends, which is totally fine if you want that kind of thing, but not so much if your focus is on something that stands out in a way that is uniquely you.

What does it mean for you?

It means that while you should happily take inspiration from fashion mags and Pinterest boards, you can do whatever you want.

Want a blue tulle tutu skirt and corset for your big day? Wear it. What other people might consider to be inappropriate for a wedding, might be everything that represents who you are. As the piece on Offbeatbride says, bad taste is simply subjective.

What matters is that you find a dress that makes you feel and look good. When you’re looking for a gown, before you even decide on anything else, choose a silhouette that you think will fit in best with the style you’re going for.

Remember, even if you do settle on something people consider traditional, there are plenty of ways to customise your dress.

Case in point: this gorgeous dip-dyed dress (one of my favourites), turned a dress that everyone else has likely seen before into something completely stunning and unique:

Don’t forget to play around with material choices. You can choose something plain and demure but then simply have the bodice of your dress customised with detailed and gorgeous beading or lace to make a statement.

Crop tops and wedding skirts can also go beautifully together.

Don’t be scared to play with colour, incorporate your theme into your dress or even step away from tradition entirely by wearing a jumpsuit instead.

Oh, and if traditional is what you want then there’s definitely nothing wrong with that either. Whatever you do, just make sure that the dress you get is the one you want.

PHOTO CREDIT: Beryl Qouture

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