Superfoods With Amazing Beauty Benefits

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A couple of years ago, when I was busy playing cards with my friends, I picked up one with an interesting quote/joke. The cards were standard ones with some jokes on the back. I love reading. So naturally, I read the cards as we were playing. The card was written, “You know you’re old when instead of combing your hair, you start arranging them. I pictured old me looking in the mirror “arranging the hair”. When you reach that point, it means you have just little hair left. And you don’t want to go bald altogether. You’re cool with “some” hair.

I am in the mid of ages right now. Therefore, if I were to see that card again, I probably wouldn’t laugh as hard. My barber tells me I have plenty of hair, so I will never need to “arrange” few of them. I don’t know. I can’t guarantee. God knows. I want to be the last person to mock him. You go first. Going bald or walking with baby steps is inevitable. I guess. But can’t I at least walk like someone pausing to examine everything and at the same time maintain some decency in ageing. You’re right. I am now talking about looks.

When it comes to ageing, men and women differ. Women care more about how they look. I have learnt that the fastest way to lose a friend is to tell a woman she looks older than her age. If you ever say so, make sure you’re standing some feet away. Otherwise, you may get punched. It shouldn’t surprise you that cosmetics is a multi-billions of money industry. You may want to change your business tomorrow. I know. You can try.

The scariest thing for a man is getting older inside. That shit scares the hell out of men, including me. Honestly, I don’t care about grey hair at all. As a matter of fact, I can’t wait to have grey hair. In my culture, you’re wiser with grey hair. Of course, I have met some old folks with grey hair who are ignorant as dirt. That’s another story for another day.

The above scenario tickles the brain. That’s when anything is promising to make women look younger or help men maintain their mojo, will always sell. If you are going to buy, don’t forget to ask what does “results may vary” means. They offer no guarantee. Don’t come back yelling at the top of your lungs because after three weeks of using the product you still look as old as the hills instead of fresh as today’s newspaper headline.

It turns out, God knew all along. We are just too busy to notice or listen. We can slow the ageing process. Not with Dr. Do Me Again but with food Naturally. Yes, naturally through good food. You’re what you eat. My Mom used that expression on me several times a week when I was growing up. Funny thing is, I used to eat a lot then. Thinking about it now, I have no idea what she meant when she said, I am what I eat. I will ask her.

So what kind of food? What does it do? The infographic below from is useful.




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