Robin Kisti Speaks About Her Activism Work In The US

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Media personality Robin Kisti speaks about her activism work in the US.

Former NTV Login presenter, who currently resides in Boston, USA, has finally come out to speak about why she rallied immigrants in USA to stand up for their rights through fashion.

She designed t-shirts with an image of a black woman (Robin’s face features as the woman in the design) embedded in the red and blue swirl of an American flag, a design which offers a blended outlook on race and the establishment of identity.

She had this to say;

“I started this campaign because as a Ugandan living and working in America, I feel that we have to get together and make our stand and have a voice as a community. Not only to work and pay taxes and live comfortably here in America, but also remember where we came from and do something positive to bring change in our country Uganda. Let’s represent our selves by achieving high here in America and get our voices heard on all the issues affecting us as Africans living in America. Remember we are not categorized as African Americans, even if you have an American passport, you are Ugandan first!”

The t-shirts are available online here.

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