Natural Beauty Vs Made Up Beauty: Debate With Us

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I attended a comedy event and what really biased me was every comedian on set was just talking about ladies who wear makeup especially ‘slay queens’. I am a makeup lover and a makeup artist and sometimes I really get bothered when a particular type of people wear wrong make up and when they wear it on un-called for events.

With all this concern, I happened to ask a few of my friends about their say on natural beauty Vs made up beauty and it’s so unfortunate many people don’t have strong reason to which is their preference. I got a reasonable answer from only one of them who said, “I do love it when women wear makeup that suits an occasion and be natural the rest of the time.”

Many men get really bothered by women who wear makeup and when you try to ask them why they get bothered and they really have no reason in contrast, women also don’t know why they wear makeup and most of the reasons they give is “To look good”, this is a petty reason. While interacting with a good number of women, they point out an aspect of competition, lack of confidence build as reason to wearing makeup.

Here are a few things you should know about make up.

Make up is art, art is transformation, beautifying an already beautiful piece call it enhancement. Every lady is beautiful naturally but make up is just used to create a firm look and enhance that beauty.

Make up has been and is still a trend in women affairs and trends are followed any way.

Make up is a combination of chemicals that in the long run will lower the performance of skin cells

Make up is broad; there is full cover make up, heavy makeup, light make up, natural make up, et cetera

 Here are a few tips on why and how you should wear makeup:

Wear make up to suit an occasion;
Many ladies are accustomed to wearing makeup day after day be it at home, at the office no honey, that lowers your self esteem, choose times when you should wear makeup, don’t make it a daily routine.

Wear makeup based on your skin color and tone;
This is where many women go wrong, because you have watched too many tutorials you feel you now have expertise in that sector, no honey, make up is produced with various shades basing on ones skin color and tone, don’t be misled.

Wear makeup when you have to, not when you want to;
Make up takes about 50-80 minutes to be complete, to give you a perfect look, if you have no use for that time and please get something to do. Wear makeup when you are going for a photo shoot, going out, not to a hospital or school, you will look stupid in fact you are stupid🤭

Wear makeup if you have no skin irritations;
If you have pimples, blemishes, acne, and other skin irritations that sprout onto the skin, try as much as you can to avoid make up because it keeps the skin from getting better, and as you are on facial treatment, still try as much as you can to avoid make up.

Wear makeup if you have enough money to take care of your skin. For real For real that is why you see people who bleach only the faces and forget the feet, because you do not know how to take care of your skin because you don’t have the money to cover for all skin care costs which are highly expensive.

Wear make up with the right accessories and in right amounts. If you can’t do this, seek professional help from various makeup artists and ensure that you have the right equipment to use when making up, starting from the foundation, primer, powders and the brushes to be used.

Finally Dear ladies, don’t wear makeup because you feel you are not beautiful, or to boost your self esteem or confidence, or to hide scars or because you are doing it for the gram or any other social media!
We love you the way you are and find beauty in who you are, it necessarily doesn’t have to be with makeup.

PHOTO CREDIT: Black Girl Health


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