Kenyan Muslim Fashion Blogger Nasra Goes Nubian on Eid

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Nasra Nuralain Adow is a talented Muslim Kenyan fashion writer on the fast-rise and her style is different and unique. She took her first step into the game in March 2015, and has quickly captured the attention of top newspapers and blogs in the Kenya.

During the Eid celebrations on Sunday, she decided to go traditional in a Nubian outfit. The dress consisted of 3 beautiful pieces


A Gurbaba: The cloth beneath the dress, This is basically a wide cloth that’s tied around the waist as a skirt fastened with a belt or a long-thin piece of cloth to hold it in,

A Gumas: The skater dress usually worn on top of the Gurbaba and finally

A Mendil:  The scarf used to cover part of the head, shoulders and the rest of the body, It’s mostly a light chiffon fabric

This attire is then accessorized with Suk Suk (A Nubian name for the bracelets and anklets worn with the outfit)

She had this to say about the outfit;

This look was made smooth courtesy of my good friend Toma Abdul if it wasn’t for her I’m telling you, I would have just wrapped up everything and turned out like a sack of potatoes, I kid you not!

First of all, Nubians are the real OGs when it comes to their culture. Tying all this around and coming out as fabulous as this needs patience  my people, personally I’m an impatient person and if something doesn’t come out right as I want and need it, I just give it up. So basically, this was a piece of work, and if you wanna try this darlings and you’ve got no patience at all, please get  someone to help you out, preferably someone with the knowledge of how to do this unless you want to end up looking like a ‘hobo’ (lol)

This look is normally worn to weddings and/or special events but you might find some Nubian women especially the older ladies wearing the attire almost daily as a sign of cultural identity.I’ve always admired the Nubian culture and it was truly an honor to try this outfit out.

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