INTERVIEW: Shane Suban the New York Based Photographer

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Shane Suban is an east coast born Fashion Photographer represented by Wilhelmina Artists. He has interned alongside Alexi Lubomirski and Nigel Barker and models including Aamito Lagum, Duckie Thot and many others. Having his work gracing the pages of international Elle’s and Shape magazines, he is securing a spot for himself in the future as a notable fashion photographer and modelling scout. Shane is expected to be in the country for Aamito lagum’s Model Master Class that is to take place on Sunday 30th July 2017. Fashionpit UG caught up with him and he opened up about his photography and how he met with famous Model Aamito Lagum

Who is Shane Suban?

Shane Suban is a young fashion photographer from Springfield, Massachusetts. He aspires to reach great lengths and open doors for other young artists looking to turn their craft into a fruitful career.

Have you ever been to Africa before?

This is the first time I will be going to Africa.

What do you know about Uganda?

I know Uganda as one of the many beautiful countries on the continent of Africa. Being raised in the west, we are not too educated on the continent of Africa or the countries within, so I hope to learn more when I arrive.

How did you develop an interest in photography?

Back in highschool during a class trip to Turkey, I had a small camera that i used to take photos of the beautiful landscapes during my visit. I realized I wasn’t too bad at it, so when I came back to the states I began taking photos of everything and everyone. From that point on the ball began rolling.

What do you enjoy about this industry?

I enjoy the freedom of expression you are allowed in this industry. Especially as a photographer, you really have the reigns to creative direct a shoot of your own, into whatever it is you are feeling or inspired by.

What equipment do you prefer to use?

I really enjoy Canon and Profoto. They are what I began shooting professionally with, and they have never gave me any problems.

How did you link up with our own Model Aamito Lagum?

I met Aamito during her first month in the states as a model. I requested her from DNA Models for a test shoot, and we are really good friends now.

How do you feel about being part of Aamito’s Model Master Class?

I promised Aamito that I will keep those attending very eager to know what I have to tell them. It will benefit photographers, models, makeup artists, etc!

What should Ugandans expect from you at the master class?

I am very grateful that she selected me for this class. Though I haven’t been in the fashion industry long as my fashion heroes, I do understand my knowledge is valuable to those looking to be part of this industry.

Which advice do you give to Ugandan photographers?

My advice for Ugandan photographers is don’t be afraid to break the rules. Technicality is required to an extent, but the talent is something acquired through trial and error. It is always great to have photographers to look up to as well, to help you develop an eye. A few I look up to are Steven Meisel, Daniel Jackson, and Mert & Marcus.

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