How & When to Apply False Eyelashes: SPARK YOUR LASH-LOVE

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False eyelashes are the perfect tool for transforming any make-up look and accentuating eyes hence enhancing the eye glamour, so it is important to keep our lashes looking luscious. To spark and accessorize your lash-love, you must have a pair of false lashes. Here are the tips to get you started.

Many of us just go to the beauty store and pick out any lash that suits the eye, which is not the right thing to do. A couple of options are considered.

The eye:
Choose lashes that best suit and fit your eye size and shape, which makes everything easier. Smaller eyes work in handy with long and thick lashes while big and normal eyes can work with any lash type.

The event:
To lash or not to lash, that is the question. Always consider whether the falsies are a necessity for the occasion and always the OCCASION.


Natural lashes
Natural lashes are one of the most popular lashes in the fashion industry.
For casual events, formal meetings and daytime outings, natural lashes become a must wear; as they give a relatively even, yet profound outlining to your eyes.

Full Volume lashes
Full lashes are for proms and parties, where you want to look bold and edgy. Moreover, they are also considered to be crucial for theaters and photo shoots makeovers, where you need to add more depth to your facial features. Full lashes have thicker strips, with more densely packed bristles that open up your eyes and give them a dramatic look.

Long and short lashes
Long and short lashes are another type of false lashes, which have a bold pattern of long and short lashes, placed alternatively. Some sets even have crisscrossed flairs but in any case or design their biggest distinction is their tip length.

Individual lashes
Finally comes the individual lashes, which are quite different from the regular lash strips. These lashes do not come in a strip rather; they have to be attached individually to the lash line. They might consume more time, when being applied on but they look way more natural than strip lashes. The best part about individual lashes is that you can customize your lash style in any way.

How to apply the lashes
Talking from experience, application of fake eyelashes can be the cause of tears and tantrums. Contrary to popular belief, false lashes are surprisingly easy to apply. All it takes is practice! Practice!! practice!!!

Basic tip

  1. Start by separating your own lashes slightly by applying a lightweight mascara.
  2. Apply a thin line of glue to the false lash, leave for 10 seconds until the glue becomes ‘gloopy’ as this will allow it to stick rather than slide. Alternatively, with the use of tweezers, hold the lash and dab on a pinhead of glue. Gently tap lash to your palm to remove any excess glue. Then allow adhesive to partially dry by fanning for 5 seconds.
  3. Position false lashes just above of your natural ones not touching the lash root which makes the eye sticky and press firmly for about 5 seconds. Apply from outer eye, three quarters of the way to the center of eye.

The entire look:
An important guideline in the world of make-up is eyes or lips. If you are desperate to show off your scarlet red lipstick, then thick, voluptuous eyelashes should be avoided.

Always find a way to blend your look

Removing False Eyelashes
Fake lashes are quick and easy to remove. Simply peel, gently and slowly, from the outside corners for pain-free removal. Place the lashes back in their packaging, to ensure they are kept in good condition, ready for their next appearance.




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