Gucci to Launch Travel App

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Just five days after announcing the launch of a 32-piece range of homewear called Gucci Decor, the creative director has outlined plans for a new initiative called Gucci Places.

Slated to be made available through Gucci’s dedicated App this Fall, the new platform will shed light on the meaning behind the motifs and historic locales that have become synonymous with Michele’s collections. Each Gucci Place will be unveiled individually, and while some will be well known, there are others that will likely come as a surprise to the general public. The idea behind the launch is to strengthen Gucci’s online community and bring exciting travel inspiration to its dedicated fan base of customers.

The first location to be featured on Gucci’s list of most desirable international destinations will be Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, England. The lavish estate currently serves as the backdrop to an exhibition of Gucci clothing and memorabilia called “House Style.”

Leading up to the launch of Gucci Places, an exclusive collection of products related to Chatsworth House will be available to shop at the estate’s gift shop and at Gucci’s Sloan Street store in London from mid-July.

Additional in-App tools will include a geolocation service that allows users to check into each Gucci Place and collect a site-specfic badge. Other features like in-depth descriptions, exclusive pictures and videos, and special event invitations will also be available to users.

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