Ghetto Kids Feature on USA’s Vibe Magazine Cover

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There is no telling how far The Ghetto Kids will go but they sure are doing well for themselves this far, from featuring in French Montan’s Unforgettable video featuring upcoming rapper SwaLee  to performing at the BET and now featuring on the cover of VIBE magazine alongside the American rapper.

The magazine’s July cover titled “French Montana +Uganda’s Triplets Ghetto Kids On the Most ‘Unforgettable’ Adventure of Their Lives” features a shot of Montana and the nine members of Triplet Ghetto Kids namely Patricia, Ada, Isaac, Kokode, Fred , Ashley, Man King and Ronnie.

In the magazine, Montana discusses his faith, his Moroccan heritage and his trip to Uganda whereas some of the members of the group share their future career aspirations for example how one of the dancers Ada reveals his desire of becoming a clothing designer. Speaking to Vibe Magazine about the kids, French said,

“Their story is so special. How all of them just live together. The guy that they live with found all of them separately, due to circumstances that happened to them and their families. Some of them, their parents died. Some of their parents had them and left them. Some of them were just dealt a really bad hand. All they have is art. That’s the most important part, they’re happy with nothing.”

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