EVENT: The Urban Street Fashion Week

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The first edition of the Urban Street Fashion Week is to take place from 2nd to 4th September under the theme “Your Colour, Your Identity, Your Rythm”. The event is to feature mentorship classes, fashion street takeover and an indoor runway showcase.

Urban Street Fashion Week is an initiative aimed at empowering young people that are passionate about fashion by providing a platform that connects them to different established players in the fashion industry.

Assimwe Douglas the CEO of the The Urban Street Fashion Week had this to say about the event;

“The Urban Street Fashion Week targets that young person that is passionate about fashion so as to encourage them to rise above their fears and indulge in the fashion business..We want this to be a platform that brings together top actors in the fashion industry from stylists to fashion designers to make-up artists to models who will in-turn offer mentorship to the rising individuals in their different fields.”

The Urban Street Fashion Week was launched at the Kisementi based Sky Lounge on Thursday 10th August, 2017. Several tours are to be made across different learning institutions where students will enter into a fashion design competition from which only two winners will be selected from each institution to showcase their creations at the fashion week.

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