Danny Mbabazi & Waiswa Ronald Taking The Editorial Game Top Notch!

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Strong faces to watch Danny Mbabazi and Award winning East African Model of the Year 2016 Swahili Fashion Week Awards | Model of the Year 2016 at the ASFAS 2016 Waiswa Ronald both Models from JORAM MODEL MANAGEMENT (JMM ) are taking the editorial fashion game top notch.

Photographed by the amazingly talented making a force in the fashion industry Mohsen Taha of Mohsentaha photography, Danny and Waiswa are seen styled by award winning Stylist Kaijuka Abass of the Kaisdivo Collection.

If there is anything that fashion in Uganda should be, the revolution is seen by the hard work Models | Stylists | Photographers and agents are putting in to push Fashion Africa to another level. Congrats to JMM for the effort to push fashion Models in a Ugandan setting that is tough to push them!

Only time will tell as we see many Ugandan top Models sailing through targeting the international fashion world now!

The revolution continues!

Waiswa Ronald & Danny Mbabazi

PHOTO CREDIT: Mohensan Taha Photography

MODEL AGENCY: Joram Model Management (JMM)

MODELS: Waiswa Ronald & Danny Mbabazi

STYLIST: Kaijuka Abass

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