An Interview with Hindu Fab: Miss Earth Air 2016/2017

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Name: Nakirya Hindu Fab

Tittle/year:Miss. Miss Earth air 2016

Age: 26years

Hobbies: Traveling,viewing Nature, watching documentaries .

Platform: Pageantry

Likes: Adventuring,charity and shopping

Dislikes: I dislike lies,people who judge and have no respect for others.

Briefly, who is Hindu?

I am a strong, kind and loving woman: Hindu is a first born of 5, half Itesot, half Gishu, raised by a single strong African Woman.

You are an inspiration to some girls out there. How does it feel?

It makes me feel good and I am always working hard to beat their expectations and inspire them more.

What are some of you achievements?

I don’t think it’s the right time to disclose my achievements yet.

Any acting or modeling achievements?

Not really, I am a queen by birth(laughs) my Grandmother being the first Miss Uganda Eastern I believe it’s from the gens that we have scooped a number of titles in the pageant world as a family There is Aisha Nagudi ,Janat Muzito , Shadia Nabude and me others on the way. I was 1st Runnr up Miss Tourism Eastern Ugandan 2014/15, Miss Earth Mbale 2016 Miss Earth Air 2016/17, Miss Earth National costume 2016/17

Janat, Andrew Kyamagero & Hindu Fab at the Hike for Maternal Health

How has education played a role in your life?

It has made a good public speaker having studied Human Resource Management.

What was your onstage strategy to win the judges over?

Confidence and being composed is always my stage strategy

Do you have any memories about the night you were crowned Miss Earth Uganda?

Yeah, though it’s a funny memory. When the Judges said our winning question was general and Hindu is answering first I gave it all whereby contestants repeated after me. I was just acting a bad girl for them to have nothing to say that was a funny memory to me (The Question was to market Ugandan)

How has been the journey from that night to date?

To me it was fun, got friends, traveled to places I have never been to and my the person m going to hand over my crown a few weeks from now not to disappoint me but run my duties when called.

Have you tried comparing yourself to the former Miss Earth queens?

Yeah, my sister Janat (Miss Earth Fire 2015/16) and best National costume of that reign, she is the woman I compared myself to and I was inspired by her costume sense of creativity and her reasoning capacity. That’s why she went ahead and made my costume too. Being a woman who looks exactly like me from day one of un veiling us the public expected me to do good like her (I had a challenge where the public was comparing us that is Mbale of 2015 & of 2016)

To someone out there who doesn’t know Miss Earth, What is it all about?

Miss earth Uganda is a beauty pageant that aims at empowering young Ugandan ladies with the knowledge and a platform to create a sustainable difference which helps in the protection and preservation of the environment.

What were you judged on during the competition?

I believe we were Judged basing on the knowledge we had about Mother Earth other factors like physical appearance, height and body were minor though a bonus .

We want to hear in your own words how did it feel to hear your name as the 1st Runner-up.

And Miss Earth Air is Mbale, I come from a supportive community and having been raised by it, it was a blessing to me having not have ashamed Mbale ( the capital of eastern Uganda) Mbale has been supportive to me way back 2014 in all projects I have been running be it in schools and the communities to date. Presenting to them what I brought home was something I couldn’t wait.

Did you feel any jealous towards the Queen of the night?

Nope, didn’t feel jealous at all being she was my roommate and all I wanted was the best for our room of 5 ,because luck is also another issue so we helped each other where weakness was where all of us were on top 7 and the 3 of us were on top 4, Earth, Air and Fire. So all we wanted was Queens from our room

Have you ever worked on the same project with Miss Earth?

Yeah, several projects, we have planted trees, introduced and participated in environmental programs, cleaning and educating the public about environmental conservation and waste management in Schools, Hospitals and communities .We are supposed to work as a team unless one is around.

What does it mean to be a Beauty Queen?

Being a beauty Queen means a woman of Grace, respect and serving the community.

How has competing in pageants helped your life?

Participating in pageants has created a platform for me (Popularity) whereby I am among the people used in various campaigns be it charity, called for projects in line with environment and tourism, it has made me exemplary whereby I have inspired a number of teens including the youth who have joined pageant life, and money off course (Laughs) I am paid to run some projects that aren’t charity.

Where do we hope to see you in the next 10 years?

As a Human resource Manager, in 10 years to come, Hindu will be owning businesses in various sectors, still doing charity and giving enough to the needy by then and supporting a girl child who looks up to joining pageants, Married and raising feature Queens of course.

What kind of legacy are you trying to leave behind?

What matters is that you make a positive difference in the lives of the people even after you die

Thanks to the amazing Beauty Queen Hindu Fab Miss Earth Air 2016/2017 for this wonderful interview.





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