7 Days of the Fashion Industry with Brian Ahumuza: Opportunities in the Fashion Industry

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Brian Ahumuza is the CEO of Abryanz Collection and founder of the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards (ASFAs). Ahead of the 2017 ASFAs, Brian has decided to share things that one should know about the fashion industry” 7 Days of the Fashion Industry with Brian Ahumuza”. If you missed Day2, click here. On Day 3, he posted

Opportunities in the Fashion Industry – Day 3

Uganda’s fashion industry has matured so much thanks to platforms such as Kampala Fashion Week and the ASFAs which recognize celebrate and foster excellence. So many home grown designers are increasingly achieving international recognition and success because of this.

The ever growing number of middle class citizens with disposable income is fueling the growth of the industry even more. The broad mix of international and local retailers of clothing setting up shop in Kampala only is one to marvel at. And those only cater to the upscale consumer. Go down town and you’ll be amazed at how innovate young people are, selling everything from accessories, shoes, clothes and more. This is evidence that the hunger for what to wear is not about to fizzle out soon.

The entertainment scene is even busier. Kampala’s never ending party life, award shows and red carpet events every other weekend attended by a slew of celebrities dressed in glamorous outfits. There’s never a dull moment when Kampala people decide to dress up for an event.
For a young designer, this is not just an interesting sight; it’s a great opportunity to seize. The fashion scene might be that exciting, but not many celebrities are wearing Ugandan designs. This is partly because they don’t know them. This is the point where you need to put the word out there, or even reach out to the celebrities for opportunities. I’ll give a vivid example of Nigeria, where at the AMVCAs, the most important conversation on the red carpet is ‘Who are you wearing?”. And, many Nigerian brands such as Mai Atafo and more are thriving on the business of dressing celebrities for red carpet events.

Away from that, the global stage has always been hungry for unique African designs. Local brands such as Beryl Qouture are constantly tapping into international markets for opportunities, and I think everyone else should pick a leaf. The opportunities out there are endless. The quicker we harness them, the better.

The opportunities aren’t just for fashion designers, but everyone else. Makeup artists can tap into the growing demand for quality beauty products. After doing great makeup for a long time, why not capitalize on the confidence and relationship you’ve built with your clientele and create a makeup line? It can be a good revenue stream for your business. A number of celebrities are capitalizing on their fame to create fashion lines too. The possibilities are endless.

I can go on and on about this, but the potential of fashion in Uganda is bigger than we imagine. The question is: how are we tapping into all the opportunities available to take the industry to another level? You can answer in comments below. I’d like to hear your thoughts.


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