10 Common Makeup Mistakes that will ruin your Look by Pamela Musiimenta

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Every Makeup lover would love to leave the house looking perfect but what affects are the mistakes made. We at Fashionpit UG caught up with MUA Pamela Musiimenta of Pamela Musiimenta Makeup Studio to find out the common Makeup errors we make.

Below are the 10 common makeup mistakes that will ruin your look by Pamela Musiimenta and how to correct them.

Wearing the wrong shade of foundation.
Many people tend to wear a shade much lighter than their color which makes their face look too different from the rest of the body. This can be corrected by trying out that the foundation on your skin before buying.

Failure to blend the face makeup with the neck.
This is one of the most common mistakes made by both women and men. The face ends up looking like a mask misplaced on the neck of a different person. This can be corrected by blending face makeup with the neck.

Applying too much concealer plus poor concealer blending.
Nothing looks so off like too much concealer, or poorly blended concealer. Choose the right shade and spend more time blending it in.

Sleeping in your makeup.
No matter how tired you’re, it’s healthy to Clean off your makeup before bedtime. This is necessary to open up skin pores for your skin to breath at night

Stretching your eye while trying to make the perfect wing.
You definitely end up with odd different results.

Applying too much blush.
This creates a lot of attention to your checks. You can only get away with this if you’re a clown or on Halloween.

Wearing noticeable lip liner.
BOLD and underline this note, majority women do this error a lot and have no idea that it’s very wrong, of course unless you’re a clown, always blend in the lip liner and make sure it looks like it’s not there.

Shading Eyebrows darker than they should be according to your skin color.
It’s another very odd yet very common mistake. The eyebrows should match your eyebrow hair color with an exception of light skinned ladies who have to kip it brown.

Storing makeup in the bathroom.
If you own a king size bathroom, you may get tempted to keep your makeup there, this is inappropriate because the bathroom has low temperatures always and this affects the shelf life of the makeup.

Wearing cheap fake makeup.
Lastly but most importantly, I would be unfair if I didn’t inform everyone to stay away from cheap fake makeup brands. It is the source of CANCER. Love yourself a little more by purchasing legit makeup from legit brands. Given that we tend to wear makeup often, it’s only advisable to be nice to your skin. I don’t need to say much about how bad Cancer is.

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MUA: Pamela Musiimenta

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